Essay about The Tragedy Of Oedipus The King

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To fully understand Sophocles’ play, the context must be explained. Oedipus the King takes place in mythological ancient Greece. In the city of Thebes, the events of this play happen all in a single day. In front of the Palace of Thebes, the people of this day are experiencing a famine in the land. An oracle tells that this famine is present because the murderer of the old king, Laius, has not been found and subsequently punished. In this age, it is important to note that the people of ancient Greece rely heavily on religion. For this play in particular, the sun god Apollo is prayed to. They ask him for his divine light to show them the truth. The main character is the protagonist, King Oedipus. He is the ruler of the city of Thebes. He comes into power after moving from his hometown of Corinth. He moves to Thebes to avoid killing his father and then marrying his mother. This was a prophesy that was given to his parents before his birth. From the very beginning he speaks very strongly, and he is obviously in command. He can often seem sort of rude and hostile at times. He is adamant on finding out the truth about the murder of the old king in order to end the famine. He is so obsessed with this search that he decrees that whoever is found guilty will be banished and cursed. However, Oedipus has no idea that his parents in Corinth are not his birth parents. When trying to escape his fate, he meets Laius at a crossroads. There is an altercation and Oedipus kills him. It…

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