Essay on The Tragedy Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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This piece of creative, analytical writing needs to offer a review of extant literature on one of the well-critiqued tragedies of Shakespearean origin, ‘Macbeth’, which describes the rise and fall of once valiant and loyal King Macbeth, who later, not only came to possess destructive ‘vaulting ambition’ which heralded his doom, but whose mind and actions became absolutely controlled by his Machiavellian wife, Lady Macbeth, whose ruthlessness and egocentricity was only matched by her wile, craftiness, manipulative nature and depravity of the highest order. Lady Macbeth’s depravity was so complete that she did not even hesitate to goad her once loyal and servile husband, Macbeth, to kill their benefactor and King in their own battlements. Unwittingly, King Duncan falls into the smooth trap of a well-plotted regicide, which, however ends in the destruction of Macbeth and the suicide of his wife and chief instigator, Lady Macbeth.

‘Macbeth’ is a depiction of a moral tragedy. Macbeth’s moral squalor is portrayed more as a sin than it is portrayed as a crime, this as per Nicholas Rand in ‘Macbeth: New Critical Essays’ is so because of the nature of the acts he is spurred to execute by his wife. Rand states that if Macbeth’s acts were a crime there would not be so much of the portrayal of moral issues such as guilt rather of a character flaw in Macbeth. The reason as to this being referred to as a moral catastrophe is to do with the consequences of the actions to the perpetrator…

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