The Tragedy Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essay

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If one knew how their fate would appoint, no matter how virtuous or how severe, they would undertake and fulfill any task for their own fate to stay accurate or to adjust it to their necessity. Wouldn’t anyone? In the tragedy Macbeth, written by Shakespeare, a Scottish general named Macbeth executes sinful tasks for his prophecy, which was told to him by three witches, to happen as how he heard it from them. By doing so, it prohibits him to be in high spirits as he thought he would be. Guilt and regret are important themes in the play as it weakens Macbeth’s aspiration for success and also weakens his vulgarity. Guilt and regret are balanced with his atrocity which results in the audience being able to judge him as a good person despite his cruelty. Although, he is still considered a hero even during his darkest times. Macbeth is easily manipulated to committing many crimes including murder. He hides in the darkness to cover for his doings which then turns into hate and because of guilt, it drives Macbeth crazy and allows him to think and act pessimistically. Does it not only affect the play’s plot but guilt and regret also play a huge important role in Macbeth’s life throughout the play which greatly influences Macbeth’s decision and thinking.
Macbeth’s guilt started to begin way before his task of killing Duncan, the current king of Scotland. Once the thought of murder occurred to him, he realizes the wrongfulness of it which is guilt. “Stars, hide your fires; Let not…

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