The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar By William Shakespeare Essay

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Tragic Hero Essay The play of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is a tale of the tragic fall of one of Rome’s great leaders. Shakespeare uses the idea of a tragic hero, Marcus Brutus, to move the audience by the actions of the hero. Shakespeare also incorporates his own traditional elements into the play. Despite the title of the play the main character is Marcus Brutus. Through the duration of the play Brutus kills Caesar because that is what he decides is best for Rome and its democracy. One gets glimpses of the internal struggles of Brutus in the play as he strives for his perfect idea of Rome. The author makes the point throughout the play to present a character’s inner turmoil directly through dramatic devices. In this case Marcus Brutus is tragically flawed through idealism, his idea of making Rome impeccable. Shakespeare incorporates the idea of a tragic flaw using traditional elements to build on the idea of the tragic hero. A tragic hero is a person, usually of noble birth, one who suffers from a catastrophe. One of the three elements of being a tragic hero is your ancestors, this is where Junius Brutus comes in. Junius Brutus is an ancestor of Marcus Brutus. Junius Brutus is very important because he overthrew the tyrannical kings after things had gotten out of hand. Junius Brutus also started a democracy. Marcus Brutus’ ancestry is shown when the play states “There was a Brutus once that would have brooked Th’ eternal devil keep his state in…

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