The Tragedy Of Angela Davis Lecture Essay

761 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
The entire Angela Davis lecture was phenomenal. She discussed so many topics and interacted with the audience, which turned the lecture into a fun experience and not only informative but also very entertaining to listen to and watch. I would grade the lecture with an A. I love how she related everything from the past to present because in reality not much has changed when it comes to racism and slavery and the challenges we face as not only African American but also being an African American woman. One of my favorite parts was how she ended the lecture with a question and answer portion and how many of the students were not afraid to ask very challenging questions and of course her response was just as in depth.
One of the points Dr. Angela Davis made was about white supremacy and violence. She related the violence that was inflicted on those who were enslaved compared to the violence we face today with capital punishment. The police violence and the amount of shootings they committed in comparison to the lynching white slave owners did to enslaved African Americans. It is no different. She stated the act of lynching only began to decline when the death penalty became a more frequent option for punishment. I like how Dr. Angela Davis expressed the importance of getting involved and becoming activist ourselves. She talked about how they had movements back then like anti-lynching movements and she commended those in this generation of being apart of organizations such as the…

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