The Traditional Mythology Lotus Lantern Essay

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The traditional folklore Lotus Lantern, which created anonymously, was passed down orally since Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) for more than 700 years. The original name of that folklore was Prince Chenxiang Splits the Mountain Hua, which developed around several main characters—Shengmu, the Goddess from heaven, later married a mundane village doctor Liu Yanchang. They have a child afterwards, whose name is Chenxiang. Shengmu’s brother Er Langshen holds the opinion that it is highly banned for a goddess to marry an ordinary person and strongly against their marriage. Thus at the ceremonial day after Chen Xiang was born 100 days, Er Langshen stole away Shengmu’s precious Lotus Lantern. Together he took away Shengmu, who was trying to protect her families, and prisoned his sister under the Mountain Hua. Chenxiang was fostered by Immortal Pili for 15 years. He learned Kong Fu with Immortal Pili. Once he got to know his life experience, he came back to find his father, together he seized back the Lotus Lantern from Er Langshen and saved his mother accordingly.
Lotus Lantern is continually considered as the treasure of Chinese literature. It was adapted to all kinds of literary works, such as musical drama, Cantonese opera, TV series, cartoon and so on. Every time the adaptation caters to different viewers’ testate and anticipation. So does the animated movie Lotus Lantern, made in 1999 by Shanghai Animation Film Studio. Among the other adaptations, this cartoon took four years to…

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