The Tort Is An Act Of Wrong Essay examples

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A tort is an act of wrong doing to one in the absence of a contract. The wrong doing occurs when there is a breach of duty, that is, when one has been inattentive to act in a reasonable manner. The wrong doing or wrongful act must cause loss or injury in order to be acknowledged as a tort. Furthermore, a tort is not necessarily a crime, but depending on the wrongful act committed, could be considered both a tort and a crime, such as when one is physically attacked. A tort is treated as a civil wrong, is used to more or less, make amends to the individual victim via compensation; punitive damages may also be assessed. A crime is considered a public wrong, a breach of duty to the general public, resulting in criminal action being taken by the state, which may include punishment via incarceration. (McAdams, 2016, p. 278). Torts fall into one of three categories as follows: intentional, negligence, and strict liability.
Intentional Torts are defined as “voluntary acts that harm a protected interest” (McAdams, 2016, p. 279). The voluntary act must be found to be an intended act, done on purpose, even though the harm done by the act may not have been intended; however, the victim or plaintiff does not need to prove that the harm done was intended (p.279). In this particular case, was there an intentional act done by the airlines or pilot, which in turn caused injury to the plaintiff? Some examples of intentional torts are battery, assault, and false imprisonment. Battery is…

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