The Toronto Blue Jays Vs. New York Yankees Baseball Game Essay

1411 Words Sep 14th, 2015 6 Pages
Our nation has invested itself, economically and socially, in sports for centuries. To the athletic elite, there is the opportunity to turn their childhood passion into their livelihood. From the four most recognized professional sports in America - Baseball (MLB) , Football (NFL) , Basketball (NFL), and Hockey (NHL) - only a select handful of athletes reach the professional level, and even less remain at that level and see long-term success. On an emotional night in the Bronx, on September 11th, 2015, I viewed the Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Yankees baseball game. It provides an unique experience to shift focus from simply rooting for your favorite team, and eyeing every pitch into the catcher’s glove, to view the whole event from a sociological perspective, including the sound effects echoing from the stadium, the social relations between fans and the clever advertising techniques during a commercial. Viewing the event from this perspective poses questions as to what the goal of Major League Baseball actually is when televising events, and how the staging and setup of the entire event relates to the actual game.
A particularly interesting point of note, both from personal experience and from the various angles televised during the game, is the seating location of the spectators in Yankee Stadium, and how that correlates to their socioeconomic status. The further you distance yourself from the field, the lower the ticket price. It is generally believed throughout Yankee…

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