The Times That Try Men 's Souls By Thomas Paine Essay

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"These are the times that try men 's souls" (Thomas). Thomas Paine inspired the lives of the worn-down soldiers in the American Revolution, to persevere over the Britain Kingdom and to gain independence. He wrote many quotes that went straight to the soul and heart, to allow others to conquer something which was almost impossible for others. Thomas Paine was a main contributor for America 's freedom, from his writings and beliefs. Thomas Paine thrived as a Transcendentalist because he rebelled against England, and wrote to the American people to fight for their freedom.
The life of Thomas Paine, got up on the wrong side of the bed, and he had to work and strive for the little things that he wanted most. Paine was raised in a poor family and did not have the opportunity of much schooling. Paine was “born on January 29, 1737, in Thetford, England” (Thomas). Paine 's “father was a Quaker and mother was Anglican” so money was scarce among the family (Thomas). Paine was poorly educated but could learn from watching others which was his form of schooling (Paine). Paine quit school at the age of thirteen and began working to help his family 's money problem. In his spare time however, Paine “studied science and mechanics” (Thomas). At the young age of nineteen, Paine fought in the Seven Years ' War, but left a few months later (Thomas). In 1772, he was fired as a collector of excise taxes, when he wrote an argument for a pay raise that caused more commotion than welcome (Thomas).…

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