The Time Of Cholera And Fermina Daza And Florentino Ariza 's Love Affair

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An approaching era of lovesickness persuades the course of Fermina Daza and Florentino Ariza’s love affair. Love in the Time of Cholera, focuses on a love story of the two lovers, Fermina and Florentino. Gabriel García Márquez uses a structured plot of the interlacing stories of Florentino and Fermina to state that heartfelt love can go beyond time and death.
Love in the Time of Cholera, begins with Dr. Juvenal examining a body of an old friend of his, Jerimiah de Saint-Amour. Dr. Juvenal is grieving the loss of a very good friend, who has take his own life. The one thing Dr. Juvenal did not know is later that day he would fall to his own death as well. Dr. Juvenal, the cities most respected doctor had fallen to his death trying to catch his parrott who had escaped while he was gone. The whole town was immensely affected by his death, but the ones who were affected the most we Florentino and Fermina. While Fermina was mourning the loss of her beloved husband, Florentino found it as the perfect time to once again pronounce his love for Fermina. Gabriel García Márquez then takes the reader on a journey to when Fermina and Florentino first met 51 years ago.
Fermina was still a young girl who was accompanied by her aunt to school everyday. Florentino would watch her pass by but never got up the courage to say anything. He would always just write it down. His writings each day was 61 pages by the time he built up enough esteem to talk to Fermina. When they met he gave her just…

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