What Are The Reasons Why Britain Led Industrialization

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Industrial Revolution
Answer: There are several reasons why Britain led industrialization. England had colonial system and benefited from vast market system. England were leading the commercial system and had access to materials such as coal, iron, cotton, and wool. Britain had national banking system which regulates all finances. They had constitutional monarchy which was the great political system to protect business. Also, the members of House of Commons were the business leaders. Britain's population was growing rapidly, so the need of productions was increasing, and this growing population created large labor supply. In addition, the British navy was the best army in the world. The army engaged with the enemy before an enemy reach their
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People was tired of old orders and they saw against acts toward old government in French Revolution. They believed the possibility to change of the orders although French could not settle completely after the revolution. There were many systems were suggested for new social order. Socialism, Marxism, liberalism, nationalism and utilitarianism were the system that people argued to establish for new regimes. Conservatism was still the most common ideology in Europe and it made harder to build new governments. The failures towards these ideologies were the revolutions which led by some aristocrats and mostly middle class. They allied with urban labors. They wanted peaceful reform but for urban labors that was not enough. Working class wanted real economic change and they were willing to use violence. The middle class and aristocrats lost their power on working class. Those three classes could not unite in one purpose, so the revolutions to change the social order. These ideologies became an achievement for some nations. They establish their own national and independent state. Countries like Germany and Italy set up their own nations. Even if they failed in revolutions in first time, these nations created what the nation of

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