The Three Great Eastern Religions Essay

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The Three Great Eastern Religions The three great eastern religions are, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism that developed at different times, but their places of origin are relatively close geographically. There are some similarities, but also many differences between the three. Hinduism is reported to be the world’s oldest religion while Sikhism is one of the newest. Buddhism and Hinduism believe in reincarnation. Buddhists do not believe in a god while Hindus believe in many gods all based on Brahman. Sikhs believe that men and women are equal Hindus that everyone has a place in society and that one cannot change that place or caste. In the following paragraphs is a look at each religion individually. Buddhism’s start in Northern India was in about the fifth century BC with the Buddha Siddhartha Gautama. Siddhartha Gautama was born into a royal family and an entitled life, but when he left the palace he encountered death, hunger, sickness and many other forms of suffering. He realized that suffering in its many forms was unavoidable in life. Buddhism is based on the belief that striving for an existence in harmony with all things, nature, the universe and the process of life is most important. The ultimate goal or key concept is the reaching of Nirvana or which is a state of being, with the absence of suffering and is the most enlightened and blissful state. The Buddhist faith is not centered on the belief that there is a god who is the creator and that there is a…

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