Human Development

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When looking into human development, there are three stages that are seen that make the basis towards the foundation of human beings. Human development is divided into three dimensions which include the following: biological, psychological and social processes. In order for a human being to achieve its full amount of maturity, the human must go through these three dimensions. When looking more in depth at how humans interact with one another and view the environments surrounding them, these three elements play an essential role at granting humans the ability to do so. Being able to understand the bio-psycho-social dimensions and how it pertains to human development, allowing oneself to have cultural competency and envisioning the general systems …show more content…
When constructing one’s personal identity and personality, these three dimensions forge together in order to create the foundation of personality and identity. The biological aspect of an individual affects their ability to physically interact with the world and their surroundings. If a human being is born with a birth defect, this specific individual will have to accommodate to their surroundings in a way that it permissible for them to function. Take for example a human being with cerebral palsy. If an individual is born with the birth defect cerebral palsy, they are forced to adapt to the disease and find a solution that makes it easier for them to integrate themselves within the world. Further, when taking a look at the psychological aspect of human development, this specific dimension is all about how one’s perception of the world around them is. The psychological state of the individual determines if such individual is able to function within the society around them. The social facet is all about how an individual is able to interact with other individuals within their environment. When composing all three of these together, it influences what an individual is and who that individual will …show more content…
General systems theory can be described on a basic level as the ability of one to study of the interdisciplinary aspects of complex systems. The systems theory covers a wide variety of disciplines. As a result, this theory structured to figure out how individuals relate to one another as a whole. Social order is how human relations are structured to fit within a society as a whole. The two are interconnected in the fact that without the systems theory people would not know how to interact within a society, and without social order, there would be no society to interact

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