The Three Causes Of Communication During World War II

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World War II is one of the deadliest war in history that results to cost millions of dollars for war resources among the nations that involved during the war. Many lives are killed and the ones that survived was scarred for life physically as well as emotionally. World War II started not long after World War I ended which started from 1939-1945. During that time the United States is just recovering from the Great Depression, however the Americans were really determine to win the war so they put all their time, man power, and efforts to prove that Americans can do it. The provided an excellent articles regarding World War II. It was interesting and fun to read for the link provided some true stories and pictures from the war. One interesting thing that was interesting is the link …show more content…
I never thought that there are only three ways of communication during the war such as radio broadcast, newspaper, and newsreels. Of course, the communication is not as fast as the communication we have today but I read that during World War II radio broadcast was three times a day. Listening to the radio became a family past time during the war for everybody wants to know what is happening overseas. Also, I knew for a fact that during World War II, the government used many propaganda in order to blind the public about the horrendous cause of war. I personally think that it was a good decision of the government to do that for it motivates people during that time to join and be a soldier. Propaganda also takes out the worries of the family to their love ones that joined the war. I also read some of the letters that they have on the website. I can noticed how the soldiers are trying to hide what is like to be in a war and not to make their significant others to worry about them. Communication is very essential at that time for your love ones or someone you know are in the war or could be

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