The Threat Of Cyber Terrorism Essay

1118 Words Apr 18th, 2016 null Page
When it comes to our national security, there are many threats. For instance, some may believe that biological weapons are the biggest threat, while others feel transnational crimes are. In my opinion, though, I believe that cyber-attacks are our biggest threat when it comes to national security. Cyber-crime, as well as cyber terrorism proceeds to be the most accelerated threat to citizens of the United States. Our digital foundation is so accessible when it comes to being attacked which is just one of the reasons why it is more crucial than ever before that we keep ourselves, as well as our personal data safe from the exceeding danger of hackers (Nozzolio, 2015). The cyber security outbreak is a forthcoming danger when it comes to the protection and surveillance of not only us, but also our community and our country, as well (Nozzolio, 2015). There are a lot of things which depend on the security of cyberspace. As Barack Obama stated, our economic benefits, national security, and our individual freedom rely upon our obligation to protecting our computer networks and managing an accessible, protected and trustworthy Internet (White House, N/A).
As stated by one of the top U.S intelligence officials, James Clapper, disturbances in cyber space and assaults by domestic terrorists are the greatest immediate security threats that the United States is encountering in 2016. When he was conducting the United States yearly threat assessment, James Clapper cautioned that the…

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