The Threat Of A Financial Collapse Impacting America Essay

2482 Words Nov 21st, 2016 10 Pages
When thinking of the word apocalypse many people think world-ending destruction, including fire, explosions and screaming. Over the years, the term apocalypse has been spun in many different directions. The overuse of the word in media has caused people around the world to become immune to the fear the word should ignite. The looming threat of a financial collapse impacting America could cause a world-wide economic fallout. Many Americans are still stunned from the crisis in 2008. Banks are still uncertain with the stability of the economy, which makes customers feel wary. This is stopping up our economic system, while also slowing others. When another crisis begins, America’s economy will start to self-destruct, leading to a collapse. Shock waves will travel “affecting the livelihoods of almost everyone in our highly interconnected world” says Anup Shah in his article, “Global Financial Crisis” from 2013. (p. 1)
The world is so interconnected, which comes with the good and the bad. In “Globalization” an article by David Held et. al., they explain what globalization is and the effect it has on our world. The article defines globalization as “…the connections between different regions of the world – from the cultural to the criminal, the financial to the environmental – and the ways in which they change and increase over time” (1999, p. 484). This suggests that if there are changes occurring in one area, it will bleed into others. If America’s economy is falling it will…

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