The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien Essay

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The Things They Carried
Our military carry many things. They carry ammo, guns, first aid kits, even dinner. The reason that they carry these things, are so that they are ready in any circumstance. Not only did they carry physical things, they carried emotional things as well. They carried memories, emotions about the war, the thoughts of deceased friends, and many more. The author and veteran Tim O’Brien uses several different themes in The Things Carried. There is a constant struggle in the story between the emotional baggage of the war and the actual physical baggage. There are several more themes throughout the story, some more obvious than other; love, hate, fear, loneliness, pain, mortality. All of these being themes presented throughout the story.
When you first think of war the first word people come up with is hurt. Many people that served in the war are still experiencing hurt. There are many people that are experiencing hurt from losing a loved one in the war. The hurt that these veterans’ and their families have felt is a never ending battle that O’Brien describes in his story. The theme is never ending; veterans’ are still feeling it to this day. There are so many different emotions that the soldiers felt during the war. Having to kill people is something that no one wants to do. “They were just goofing. There was a noise, I suppose, which must’ve been the detonator, so I glanced behind me and watched Lemon step from the shade into bright sunlight. His face…

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