The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien Essay

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The Vietnam War is an important part that played a crucial role to make history in the United States of America. This event took the longest military conflict that started from 1959 to 1975. There were many soldiers that lost their lives, but there were other soldiers that survived to share what they experience and what they had faced. The novel “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’ Brien, the author himself is an American writer and a survived soldier from the Vietnam War. This novel portrayed the past and present events that were experienced in detail about the war, as well as the experienced that his fellow soldiers that had faced in the war. The story starts off with the narrator explaining the items that the soldier carried and how each item represents them as a soldier. According to the novel, “Henry Dobbins, who was a big man, carried extra rations ;…”( Brien 2). This quote illustrates how the narrator describes the soldiers’ personality through the things they carried. The narrator also uses another symbol that shows another away of his guilt through a dead young Vietnamese soldier that trigger his memory of a man’s corpse that symbolizing the humanity’s guilt over the war and how this particular corpse brings horrible memories to him. The war was getting difficult for the soldiers and it might be the cause of a rift between the soldiers. According to the narrator, “Jimmy Cross did not want the responsibility of leading these men. He had never wanted it.”…

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