The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien Essay

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“The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien is a non fiction body of fiction writing. While names, characters and situations are imaginary, the circumstances encountered by the people represented in the war depicted are very much real.There is an intriguing story line beneath yet another story that is being told and with each sentence the more it resonates. There is the story of unrequited love, unabashed bravery, and unfathomable pain. Throughout all of this turmoil and what is the very essence of discomfort, the story moves forward and the reader is compelled to follow. In relating the layers of stories wrapped into the writing O’Brien masterfully uses the techniques of repetition, pattern and indirect style of writing to emphasize that no amount of physical weight compares to the mental and emotional weight of war. The underlying story of Martha is pervasive and continually developing, in fact Martha was mentioned on all but three of fifteen pages of the writing. Starting with the first paragraph fond, intimate, things imagined showed to fill the mind of First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross. “He would imagine romantic camping trips into the White Mountains in New Hampshire. He would sometimes taste the envelope flaps, knowing her tongue had been there” (1015). Solace and escape is found in these recollections and imagined scenarios, but so is the knowledge that the feelings are believed to be one sided. Martha is also blamed as the cause of a man’s death, also mentioned…

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