Essay about The Things That Make Us American

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The Unique Differences:

The Things That Make Us American

America is a country like no other, it 's background, origins, and the fights her soldiers have participated in for the liberties her people enjoy are what give it the individuality that many identify with the term 'America '. However, the word 'American ' itself is a bizarre and complicated one that changes its meaning from person to person, from people to people depending on the place in which they live, but what is it that makes a person American? Is it the wide variety of freedoms we enjoy, the fact that we, as a people, are from so many different places and backgrounds that almost none of us are natives to this country, or could it be the idea that we, the American people, think that all others want to have what we have: They want to be American? Can we truly decide what it is that pinpoints the word 'America ' as a concept, and what makes the American people? An American is not defined by race, color, or religious belief, and we are not defined by the place in which our people came from, and yet, all of these chattels are what made us American, all of America is a little bit of everything.

The idea that America can be put into one definition is a complex, and flawed noiton. In reality, not only can it not be delineated in such a way, it would be impossible to define at all, even in numerous sentences. That aside, one thing that must be nailed down before one can even ask what it is that…

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