Essay about The Thing Around Your Neck By Chimamanda Adichie

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In her collection of short stories, The Thing Around Your Neck, Chimamanda Adichie brings to light what immigrants in America have to go through when they arrive in the U.S. All throughout her book she touches on the theme of identity. When an immigrant comes to America, he is immersed into a completely new culture, and when that happens, he has one of two options, he can either conform to the new culture or he can retain his culture and in a sense keep his identity. This is exactly what Chinaz Okafor, from “The Arrangers of Marriage”, has to decide when she arrives in America to marry her new husband who is becoming a doctor. During the short story, he is constantly telling her how to act so that she is just like an American. From the passage above, the reader is able to identify Chinaz’s forced assimilation to the new culture’s food and language they speak in order to comply to her husband’s will and fit in with the rest of society. Food is one of the most common aspects in culture that separates different cultures due to the uniqueness each one has with their food. Chinaz grew up in Nigeria where she grew up eating food and dishes that were native to that region, so it is no shock that during Chinaz first attempt to conform to America’s cultural food, she has to tighten her stomach in order to not vomit the pizza, an American favorite. One day she cooks her husband a dish from her country and when he eat it, she says he smacks his lips like her uncle did to show her…

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