The Theory Of Psychology : A Fictional Character Suffering From Depression

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The paper examines individual psychology also known as Adlerian theory in the case conceptualization of Olivia Gomez, a fictional character suffering from depression. The presenting problems demonstrate areas of the client’s life that require counseling and a deeper assessment into the underlying problems affecting her daily life. Most counseling theories focus merely on the person or the collective issues; Adlerian therapy does both. It contends that every person is goal-oriented and possess the ability to make healthy and responsible choices for their lives. Adler 's concepts focus on correcting errors in a person 's way of thinking caused by their drive to be sociably acceptable. Interventions are chosen that provide the client with proper coping skills to eliminate maladaptive behaviors and thinking processes as well as give the client the best outcome for improvement. It also examines the connections and contradictions that exist in Individual Psychology as it relates to Christian beliefs.
Keywords: individual psychology, goal-oriented, Christianity, techniques

Case Conceptualization: Individual Psychology Therapy The foundation of Individual Psychology is based on the work of Alfred Adler. Adler first began is profession as a medical doctor who later transitioned to psychiatry. During this time Adler became interested in the advancements Sigmund Freud was making in regards to psychoanalysis and his interpretation of dreams. As a result, Adler was personally…

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