The Theory Of Nature Vs Nurture Essay

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When deciding on not only a topic and ethic philosophers I struggled to find opinions I whole heartedly agreed with. Fortunately, for this assignment I get to dissect the positive and negative sides to their philosophies. Nature versus nurture is an unsettled debate often discussed from early childhood educators, lawyer’s offices, to psychologist clinics. As our text states innate traits are ones we are born with, and as we develop, the environment we grow in influences new characteristics as we mature. Are we born exactly as we are supposed to turn out to be or are we indeed sponges, ready to soak up all that this world has to offer? Furthermore, within that answer where are bound ethically according to our own belief system and the beliefs of others? This idea struck me while reading about Jean-Jack Rousseau who thought that at our most genuine, authentic selves, we are innately angelic. Rousseau goes on to state that before society allows the many negative influences to permeate in us and corrupt us, our noble nature shines through. His philosophy fosters the notion that al humans are born kind and basically good by nature but that the choices made in our cultures, governments, and history makers changes those basic innate characteristics. Rousseau believed that human who remained more solitary stay good, happy, healthy and free, thus stating reinforcing the idea that the more anyone is put out into the “real” world, the more unhappy, cynical, hateful and mistrusting.…

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