The Theory Of Narrative Paradigm Essay

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The book definition of Narrative Paradigm states that it is a hypothetical framework that views a narrative as the base of all human communication. Therefore in this case, the conceptual definition of the narrative paradigm is the notion that human interactions can be viewed as narratives (Magouyrk & Temporal, 2014). This theory of Narrative paradigm was proposed by Walter Fisher, a 20th century philosopher. Fisher was of the mind that life is experienced and understood by human beings as a string of continuous narratives; each one holding unique attributes in terms of its ending, middle, how it begins, characters and conflicts (The Narrative Paradigm, 2010).
The manner in which people justify or explain their actions, be it in the past or future has less to do with forming a logical argument or giving evidence than it does with telling a convincing story. The long-established paradigm of the rational world takes a philosophical or scientific approach as it assumes that human beings are logical and arrive at decisions based upon lines of argument and evidence. The rational world paradigm claims that: for all intents and purposes human beings are rational; people arrive at decisions based on argument; the course of argument is determined by the type of situation; rationality depends on the amount of knowledge we have and capacity to give a good argument; and that the world is a set of logical puzzles capable of being solved by rational analysis (Magouyrk & Temporal, 2014). In…

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