The Theory Of Free Will Essay

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Contrary to natural inclination, genuine thinking is largely unpracticed in American society. The two forces that drive societies anti-philosophical train of thought is a strong inclination towards action and a thirst for facts. Facts have the capacity to be verified and put to practical use whereas; philosophical theories don’t have valid implications. World history shows; traditions, habits and customs keep society in order. While, genuine thinking, original thought, and human reflection can break down the walls that hold social order together. False Beliefs obtained through thinking have the ability to stand in the way of truth leaving the public in a state of insecurity, doubt, toil, and no verifiable practical knowledge. Misinformation campaigns have the ability to leave society in a vulnerable state of being as well. This paper serves to explain which theory best captures the correct essence of free will within our present world. This paper will acknowledge the best theory and the definition of ‘free will’ ascribed to it. The theory that is correct about free will is soft Determinism.
Soft Determinists are also regarded as Compatibilists. This theory holds that reality is determined although human beings free will maintains intact. W.T. Stace makes the valid claim that if man has no freedom to choose; there is no reason anyone should dictate that his disposition to act should be altered. Also, many philosophers who deny the existence of free will do so in a…

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