The Theory Of Evolution Theory Essay

834 Words Nov 13th, 2015 4 Pages
The Darwinian theory of evolution, that is, all beings grew and transformed from simpler to more complex beings over time, is taught in public schools nationwide. This theory and none other are taught to children in public schools even though other theories are also widely believed and have both similarities and differences in the evolution theory. Why, then if there are other evolutionary theories, is just this singular theory taught instead of them all being taught? If no one theory can be proved without question, why is one theory considered more important to teach the future of our great nation over the other? Public schools should incorporate not only the evolution theory in the curriculum, but also creationism and intelligent design. If this country wants to continue to be diverse and accept all people, beliefs, and ways of life, then it is only right that they educate everyone on all aspects of the beginning of life. “Evolution provides a scientific explanation for why there are so many different kinds of organisms on Earth and how all organisms on this planet are part of an evolutionary lineage” (Institute of Medicine 4). This theory of evolution is greatly attributed to Charles Darwin. Evolution gives no credit to a higher power, it simply states that humans and all living things evolved from a simpler being. Even though scientists have spent decades doing research and studying evolution, there are still many gaps in the theory. This is where religion or…

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