The Theory Of Evolution Is Contested On Many Fronts Essay

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The Theory of Evolution is contested on many fronts. It is a theory that provides the intricacies of all life, development and the adaptation of life on Earth. The theory allows for the makeup and adjustment of species to either create the best, most efficient, or on the contrary sentence a species to extinction. There are many elements to explaining how evolution works and is justified to demonstrate how the world is. The study of fossils, biogeography, natural selection, comparative embryology, comparative Anatomy, and molecular biology elaborately prove the theory to be true. As with all theories though it must be tested and proven to become a scientific proof. The study of fossils has provided substantial evidence to the theory of evolution. Through the study of fossils scientists have been able to collect evidence of species changing to make the leap from water to land. One crucial finding was that of Neil Shubin finding the fossil of Tiktaalik. The study of the fossil of Tiktaalik provides insight as what Shubin states provides similar analysis of human wrists, ribs, ears, and other parts within our skeleton (Shubin, 2008, p. 28). This finding and furthermore the study was able to showcase the predictive analysis of evolution through the search of a transitional species and ancestor of possibly all land animals. Another crucial finding within fossils that supports the theory of evolution is that of Archaeopteryx, known as The Origin by Darwin himself…

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