Essay on The Theory Of Birth Control

1390 Words Apr 27th, 2016 null Page
If you ask anyone on the street a question about their opinions on the argument surrounding birth control, I doubt you would find someone who does not know what you are talking about. Birth control is a complicated and difficult issue within contemporary American society with several facets: should women be allowed to use birth control? What kinds of birth control? Should employers have to pay for birth control through health insurance? As well as, many more questions than just these stated here. The issue that I would like to face in particular is female access to varieties of birth control and the ways in which access is made, often, unnecessarily convoluted for individuals to maneuver. Power structures complicate the ability of women to access birth control and safely use it, and the ways that women are able to access birth control is often not through their own terms but through terms set by men and the power structures currently in place within contemporary society. Throughout this essay, I will make aims to not only succinctly explain the major points of three theories of feminist thought: Marxist, standpoint theory, and science and technology studies, but use them to explain the various ways in which women are kept from easily accessing birth control.
Marxism, as its own framework of thought separate from feminism, aims to highlight the differences and issues between the social classes, coining the terms proletariat, or the working class, and bourgeoisie, the…

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