The Themes Of Slavery In 12 Years A Slave

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The focus behind 12 Years a Slave, was to tell the truth of how slavery was for Solomon Northups’ first account store of once being a free man in the North and one day everything changing when he was kidnapped and traded to the African slave trade in the South. Solomon story and evidence he provided took a toll on the entire system in the South. These were first-hand accounts so how could be people call Soloman a liar if they were not there. The book was also edited by David Wilson a white publisher, so if Solomon was accused of lying about what happen, David would also have to be lying. People criticized the book on how the accusations that were made against one of the slave owners of the South could not be true because of the cruelness and …show more content…
He had his own house, wife and kids. He was kidnapped and sent to the south, were he was forced into slavery even though he was once a free man in the north. Throughout the days and years he spent as a slave, Solomon struggles with day to day slave life and demands he be freed because even though he does not have the free black man papers. Twelve years past and Solomon had got a letter sent to his free master in the north, once his master received it he immediately sent for Solomon. When he returned back home to his family, he later wanted to write a book on his experiences and misfortune. David Wilson was a white publisher who was told the story of Solomon Northup’s became intrigued in the story and put his reputation on the line for Northup’s story to be heard by all straight from Solomon’s mouth to the pages without being altered or changed. This was a well written book. Wilson the editor did not want to take anything from Solomon and his first-hand story even though he knew what Northup’s was stating about what he encountered by white slave owner and how brutal the experiences was, even if it would jeopardize he reputation but he did not care he wanted it to be told like it was. No matter the consequences he wanted the story to be heard by the …show more content…
To me he is saying men were in the same category when considering vicious dogs and dangerous alligators. How could one man compare dog, alligators and man? It is simple fear is a learned trait and over some time Solomon has developed fear of men just as he has learned to fear dogs and alligators. Again Solomon states his pain by saying, “My sufferings I can compare to nothing else than the burning agonies of hell!(21)” This shows the just down right pain Solomon is encountering and feeling now that he is living the slave life in in north. The two quotes I used stood out be me as I was reading this book and gave me a picture and a sense of what was going on with Solomon and what that life was like that he was living. The author main argument is never be too quick to judge I think. I believe the author wrote the book so people can be aware of his story and everything he encountered. The hardship and the pain and suffer. I think it was edited by Wilson because he was moved by Solomon story and wanted everyone to reads and see it and he believed that Solomon could not reach everyone by

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