The Themes Of Conrad Aiken Essay

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Conrad Aiken is a highly acclaimed American author and poet that had a traumatic childhood. Aiken projects his childhood, the coping mechanisms he uses, and his perception of the events onto his works. At the age of 10, Aiken walked into his parents bedroom to find that his mother had been killed by his father who then proceeded to kill himself. Aiken close relatives adopted his four siblings, but refused to take him with them so he was sent to live with family in Western Massachusetts. In many of Aiken 's short stories and poems, the emotions that he felt and the mental toll that was put on him are vividly described. There are many common perceptions of the themes that Aiken often spoke of that seem to be more apparent, but also, there some uncommon themes that are sometimes difficult to see. The common themes are schizophrenia, death and birth, and creation and destruction. Along with these fairly obvious themes there are the themes of alienation from society and anorthoscopic vision. In Silent Snow, Secret Snow and The Room, the first three themes are easy to recognize and once the final two are explained, they also become apparent. The origins of these themes are easily found with the knowledge of his eventful childhood. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. In Silent Snow, Secret Snow the narrator wakes and finds it odd that he cannot hear the foot steps of the approaching mailman. His first assumption is that it must have…

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