The Theme Of Violence In Little Scarlet By Walter Sperley

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Kevin Sperling
English 101
Essay #2 Nola Payne as Little Scarlet
In the novel Little Scarlet by Walter Mosley, his great purpose in writing these characters is at times ambivalent about violence and the roles it should play in his life. He wants to have a life that’s peaceful, law-abiding, and fruitful existence. Mosley is emphasized numerous times by his ego-driven aspect. He is measured by his capacity for willing to partake in violence to protect himself as well as the people. It is more than Black on White it is more on the people and their rights that they should have, which is not provided in the Watts Riot. Mr. Mosley wanted to create a way of expressing the characters less than perfect both black and white that are not the
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Mosley style of writing is both serious but also amusing to many but at times spiritual. The characters goals is to physiologically, economically, physically draw him into letting out his aggression towards the people. He maintains his resistance in trying to choose a non-violent approach to improving the city by expressing.
Red-haired Nola Payne, also known as Lil Scarlet, was strangled and then shot after she rescued a white man who’d been taken away from his car by an opportunistic thief. Her aunt insisted that a white man by the name of Peter Rhode did it. The white man happened to be in Watts at the height of raiding and violence where he was dragged from his vehicle and badly beaten. Det. Melvin Suggs along with Deputy Commissioner Gerald Jordan are cop who are roaming the streets asking questions while stores are still getting burned down. They must go door to door to find out what happened and gather information regarding Nola Payne. Jordan sends Easy a letter to regarding helping him and Suggs investigate in which he
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Det. performs thorough detective work, in tracking down the mysterious white man who they believed to have killed Nola Easy is convinced Peter Rhone did not kill Nola Payne AKA Little Scarlet. A young woman by the name of Juanda Easy’s informer who catches his eye. He can’t mess around with her because he is devoted to Bonnie, which has been his woman for several years. His household is complete with his adopted children name Jesus who is eighteen years old and also his daughter Feather. He owns several properties, has a stable job as an overseer supervisor with the school district and along with an office in Watts where he conducts his private investigation business.

Easy deals with a lot of violence in this novel that he tries to escape from but it seems like it keeps coming back. He has a friend name mouse that is far more violent than he is but at every opportunity he gets he is for the people. Easy view on life is where he lives and violence seem to always strike in which he feels he must do. He has no choice but is surrounded by men who lives their life according to power, domination, and other physical forms of

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