The Theme Of Marriage In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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“Their Eyes Were Watching God” Essay For generations marriage has been accepted as a bond between two people. However, the ideas involved in marriage differ by the individuals involved. In this novel the protagonist Janie Crawford learns lessons about life and love in each of her three marriages. Originally all Janie knew about marriage and love is what her grandmother told her. Janie looked up to her grandmother who raised her. As Janie moved on in her life and remarried, she found that everybody has their own idea towards the role they play in marriage.Over the course of time, Janie came to terms with her own ideas. In this novel each principal character has their own ideas toward marriage.
The first ideas that Janie was exposed to was those of her grandmother, Nanny. Nanny saw that Janie was entering womanhood and she didn 't want Janie to experience what her mother went through, which was rape. So Nanny set out to marry her as soon as possible. When Janie asked
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Tea Cake comes in and rescues Janie from her misery after the death of Jody. It is here that Janie finally finds what true love is. Tea Cake 's idea of marriage is a mutual relationship where he would prefer to support Janie, instead of talk her down. However when times are rough Janie willingly helps Tea Cakes in the fields. Tea Cake believes in being completely honest with Janie and doesn 't try to hold anything from her. "You don’t have tuh say, if it wuzn’t fuh me, baby, cause Ah’m heah, and then Ah want yuh tuh know it’s uh man heah." (pg.167) Also, like Nanny Tea Cake sought protection for Janie he didn 't want anything to happen to her and in the end he laid down his life for her. Tea Cake 's perception of marriage is different from the others but it is still his own ideas. Tea Cake’s character in the novel is not to make Janie dependent on him for happiness but to help her find happiness and security within

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