The Theme Of Human Sexuality Essay example

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The theme of human sexuality in films by Peter Bogdanovich, Jiri Menzel, Gregg Araki and Gia Coppola display the sense of a perturbed and somewhat disconnected youth in their narratives. The central characters throughout each film face challenges concerning how they display their sexuality. In The Last Picture Show (1971) and Closely Watched Trains (1966) sexuality subtly represents having freedom and gaining respect from others; however, in The Doom Generation (1995) and Palo Alto (2013) expressing sexuality is naturalized - it is erotic and is used in selfish manipulative actions. Apart from the inter-woven theme of sexuality throughout these films, all four directors rejects the Hollywood Imperative and the conventions of how cinema is viewed. In The Last Picture Show Bogdanovich captures youths unable to leave their desolate environment in America during the 50s, where making your own fun becomes a nightly routine. One of the main characters is Jacy (Cybil Shepherd) who tries to find gratification and a sense of liberation through sex. The liberation she discovers is the opposite from the societal constraints in her home and social life. She then loses her optimistic thoughts about her future with Duane (Jeff Bridges) and begins to think realistically with the influence of her mother, Lois (Ellen Burstyn). Lois tries to deter her daughter from making the wrong decision in marrying Duane, emphasizing that she hoped they had slept together. Explaining, further Lois…

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