The Theme Of Greed In Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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Greed has been said to be one of man’s fatal flaw. Greed can convince you to do things you otherwise would never have done. It’s just the thought of being able to hold so much power that drives men and woman to do outrageous and unlikely actions. In William Shakespeare 's play “Macbeth” shows the signs of how mankind stands up against the topic of greed. Along with so many stories and plays before it, Macbeth is a tragedy and like all tragedies it ends in the downfall of the hero, William Shakespeare 's play “Macbeth” is no different. As the play goes on the greed in Macbeth heart starts growing along with his pile of dead bodies, which ultimately contributes to his downfall and somewhat ironic demise. In the opening scene we see the three …show more content…
Macbeth was almost guaranteed going to back out of the plan, all of Shakespeare 's main antagonists are always faced with the dilemma of morality. Lady Macbeth tries to convince her husband to commit the act of treason. She starts prying on his pride of being a man. She ask him multiple times of “where is his manhood” she has convinced him into believing that he must commit the crime in order to prove himself as a man. She was able to manipulate him extremely well. She was able to sink the idea farther into his head that he must do what he needed to do so he can become king. Macbeth being the morally weak and self- ambitious character he was, he did as he was instructed by his wife. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth plotted to execute the king when he was at there castle visiting. Macbeth did the actual killing of the king while Lady Macbeth acted as an accomplice. Lady Macbeth was very skillful in deception, she tricked King Duncan guards into getting drunk, which allowed Macbeth to rise at the moment and kill him. When MacDuff came the next morning to check on the King,And Macbeth blames the catastrophe on the guards, which he killed in a sudden rage when he saw the body of their slain …show more content…
Macbeth and his power hungry wife got what they wanted.That should have been the end of the play. Macbeth Starts becoming even greedier, he doesn 't want anyone to have the throne except for him. He ends up killing his comrade Banquo because it was prophesied that he would have many generations of sons and grandson’s who will sit on the throne as king. Banquo 's son Fleance was able to escape his death unlike his father. Hamlet also killed all of Macduff 's family,after he went back to the three sister’s to get another prophecy. The sister told him to be weary of Macduff’s, so Macbeth killed his

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