The Theme Of Death In Cinderella, By Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath Commonality Essay Sylvia Plath is a very fascinating poet, her poems are complex and compelling. Most of her poems have multiple themes in them and all of her poem are about different parts of her life, but I noticed that one of the themes she used the most and appeared on many of her poems was the recurring theme of death. Most of the time death tied in with her strong use of imagery and diction. Much of her poems were themed around death because of her serious problem with depression and multiple suicide attempts. She even speaks of suicide in her poems and how much of the things going around in her life is depressing her more, and as a result is the reason why her poems are so dark and ominous. In the poem Cinderella, Plath …show more content…
This poem was basically about bringing life and of course death is in the poem to emphasise the other side of life. The first part of the poem is already starting negatively. “The fountains are dry and the roses over. Incense of death. Your day approaches”(1-2). Plath says the fountains are dry as a reference to death and when she says the roses over its when roses wilt because of the upcoming seasons like winter which is also a sign of death because winter is usually referred to as ‘old man winter’ because it is the end of the season and everything dies, but then spring comes and everything is coming to life again. The part about incense of death refers to the child. Usually incense are meant for positive things like angels in orthodox churches or to celebrate birth, but she 's referring to something dreadful, and that would be her becoming a mother. She’s most likely really nervous and because it 's her first child she 's going through a great deal of emotions. “Two suicides, the family wolves, hours of blankness.”(13-14). Plath could possibly be suggesting that the child could inherit her depression and suicide

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