The, The Philosophe, By Baron De Montesquieu Essay

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Louis de Secondat, the Philosophe more commonly known as Baron de Montesquieu, was born on January 19th 1689, in La Bréde, France. He went to school at the Oratorian Collége de Jully and in 1708, received a law degree from the University of Bordeaux, and went to Paris to continue his legal studies. When his father died in 1713, he returned to La Bréde to manage the estate he inherited. In 1715, he wed Jeanne De Lartigue with whom he had a son and two daughters. He inherited the title Baron de Montesquieu from his uncle who passed away in 1716, and the office of Président á Mortier in the Parliament of Bordeaux. At the time it was chiefly a judicial and administrative body. For the next eleven years he presided over the Tournelle, parliament’s criminal division, where he oversaw legal proceedings, supervised prisons, and administered punishments including torture.

While at the Academy of Bordeaux he kept abreast of scientific advancements and wrote papers ranging on the causes of echoes to the motives for the pursuit of the sciences. Montesquieu, at this time, wasn’t only a lawyer; he was also an accomplished writer. In 1725, Montesquieu published the Persian Letters, which was an instant success. He continued to write a few minor works, but in 1728, sold his life interest in his office and resigned from parliament. He then decided to leave France to travel abroad. After visiting Italy, Germany, Austria and a few other countries Montesquieu settled on England and stayed…

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