Essay about The, The Eternal Jew And Jud Suss

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The three movies, Erbkrank, The Eternal Jew and Jud Suss, all show case various levels of Anti-Semitism that existed in Nazi Germany. The Jew was seen as the destroyer of the true Germany and were thus the culprit for all of their problems. The idea of the Jew as other was clearly displayed in all three movies, in varying means and styles. The audiences for all of the movies clearly impact the manner in which the movies chose to go about exploring the Jewish problem, that reportedly existed during the time. It is very obvious hat Goebbels’s, had a clear plan for how he desired they would answer the Jewish problem, that according to the Nazi party was only getting worse. The Nazi control over media, as well as pretty much every other aspect of life and government, allowed them to skew any information that was being presented to the masses. Information that though the three presentations given proudly states that the Jews are parasites that must be dealt with in the most permeant of manners. In Erbkrank, or the hereditarily ill, there are many faces shown for what the film describes as the dregs of society. Not only are these people who are costing the people thousands of dollars they are also continuing to have children that only further populate the country with unfit Germans. The film starts by comparing the places those outside of the mental hospital live as compared to those inside. The mentally incapacitated are living in palaces, while those who work hard and…

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