The, Tent City, The Principal Researcher, Or Pr Essay

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Would gender roles, that are seen time and time again in families and communities, have any weight in a populace of homeless people? In Saunders’s “Tent City,” the Principal Researcher, or PR, observes firsthand the traits used by those he is studying. Survival is the priority for the inhabitants of the encampment in Fresno, California. Thus, gender roles acclimate to what is necessary to live. Women often struggle in places where the power automatically goes to the strongest. I worked at a restaurant for almost two years, and what I observed was a kitchen staff that was predominantly male. The women would leave if they could not handle the intensity required. Others adapted. Conversely, the servers were predominantly female. They outperformed their male counterparts, forcing the men to adapt as well. Saunders’s description of the first person the PR approaches strays away from biological sex. The illustration is created by “a series of sun-darkened red-and-purple rounded structures, like rosy cheeks, but located in places on her face where cheeks would not normally be found” (300). He does not express in detail that this is a woman besides the mention of “rosy cheeks”.
This woman, Wanda, gives the PR an introduction to the dynamic traits shared by many in the camp. She is most noteworthy for when the PR confirms that he is married and Wanda replies, “I 'm a rape you.” (301).
What makes this comment stick out so much—besides the obvious fact that she declared intent to…

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