The Tension Between Individual Choice And Societal Choice Essay example

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The tension that exists in this story of Samir Moussa that I have noticed “is between individual choice and societal choice” about the importance of “indigenous knowledge and how it can contribute in making a better society”. The indigenous people of Costa Rica were the Bribri tribe. Individuals like Samir Moussa, The filmmakers and the indigenous people wanted to preserve the indigenous knowledge like the traditional medicine that can cure the disease “Cutaneous Leishmanaiesis” caused by Sand flies and other issues, while the society did not care about indigenous knowledge or wanted to modernize the lands. Thanks to globalization the traditional medicine was known to the western world because of the relationship of Samir and the Don Candido, one of the medicine men of the Bribri, and the film makers of the documentary called “The Hidden People”. This traditional medicine is better as it is fast in curing an infected people and is not toxic, unlike the western medicine which its longer and leaves you powerless after been injected.
Because of globalization, Samir Moussa was able to visit and live with his friends from different countries and his extended families from Lebanon and Columbia where his father and mother are from respectively. He was also able to learn different languages as he was fluent in English, Spanish, and French. He also learned a bit of Arabic from Lebanon. The third thing he learned due to globalization was in indigenous knowledge that is traditional…

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