The Tempest By William Shakespeare Essay examples

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William Shakespeare 's play The Tempest features several different themes that change how the play is viewed. These can range from historical readings to feminist criticisms, all presenting new ideas and insights. When looking from a feminist perspective, facts arise that did not seem important when simply reading the play. For example there are only three women throughout the entire play; one of whom is actually featured in the play, no mothers are present in Tempest, and the woman who appears in the play does not have a very complex personality or mind of her own. The women in Shakespeare 's The Tempest are severely under-represented, overlooked, and dominated throughout the entire play; making women seem far less significant in Shakespeare 's world than they actually were. The three women in The Tempest are Prospero 's daughter Miranda, Caliban 's mother Sycorax, and Alonso 's daughter Claribel. The only woman who is actually present throughout the play is Miranda, who happens to play a large enough role to have speaking parts. There are, however, small instances when Prospero 's spirit servant, Ariel, takes the form of several different entities that happen to be women. This does not, however, make them women roles, as stated by Thompson because Ariel is a man simply acting as different women. One possible reason that there are so few women in the play is because of their message to Shakespeare 's society. Each woman has a different role, personality, and are each…

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