Essay on The Tell Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

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Author of “The Tell-Tale Heart”, Edgar Allan Poe lived from 1809-1849. Throughout his life time he wrote other stories like “The Raven” and poems like “Ulawme”. Poe’s experience as a professional writer in the mid-nineteenth century of America was bitter and gothic. Edgar was orphaned at three and was abandoned by Richmond merchant who had adopted him. Poe was prone to illness, mental instability, and alcoholism through his short life spam. Poe became an imaginative genius who was forced to sell himself in the marketplace and wore himself out doing so with effort. His work may not ever be autobiographical or “realistic”, but Poe’s work images a gothic plot that analogues to his experience. The value of his best work compared to other writers is in his bold use of surreal images. Making the audience feel more involved. The drama of his work lies in the voice and plot of his stories. Poe’s story “The Tell-Tale Heart” is at the core of himself. Poe’s work is pure genius! Edgar Allan Poe writes “The Tell-Tale Heart” in first person using different settings. Poe demonstrates how a person’s inner fear and guilt can drive a man insane through the use of imagery, confused characters and a very detailed plot. The story is taken in place that both the narrator and the old man share, the house. But at the same time Poe makes you feel like your inn the mind of the narrator. He states the narrator could hear the dead man’s heart beating, a sense of imagery. The characters play a major…

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