The Teapot Dome Scandal During President Warren Harding

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The Harding Administration

During President Warren Harding administration, there were many political scandals that took place. The Ohio gang as they came known to be, were a group of politicians and leaders that were endorsed by Harding himself. Ohio gang would commit several financial scams underneath the nose of Harding. ignorance would mark the downfall of his reign in the office. Many people believed he was behind these scams while others believed he was oblivious and incompetent. Regardless of what people believed, these heinous acts whilst he was office would forever tarnish his presidency and legacy. His untimely death in 1923 caused suspicions and controversy whether he played a part in these acts. It is because of these acts and
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Teapot Dome is a rock formation that had petroleum reserves that was used by the U.S Navy. During this time, Naval ships were switching from coal to oil and setting aside oil reserves was crucial in case of a war. In 1922 Albert Fall the secretary of Interior convinced Navy Secretary Edwin C. Denby to transfer control and the result was Fall leased multiple oil fields that were private no-bid contracts. This allowed oil companies to avoid bidding against other competitors. Several under his orders were leased such as, Wyoming’s Teapot Dome with Sinclair Oil and Pan American oil taking Elk Hills, California. Suspicions rose when Fall suddenly became wealthy after the lease of lease agreement. In 1923 these crimes would come to light by Senator J. Walsh who led an investigation revealing that Fall has in-fact been taking bribes from oil companies for exclusive access to these reserves. Fall was the first cabinet member ever to go to prison. This act implicated a breach of national security within the cabinet, and was one of the biggest impact Harding’s …show more content…
Some of that speculation circles around Hardens wife Florence Harding. It was believed that Florence may have had a hand it murdering her husband by poisoning him after believing he was cheating on her. A woman known as Nan Britton of Marion, Ohio had claimed in her book The President’s Daughter she had a long-term relationship with the late president and her child Elizabeth Ann Christian was the daughter of Harding. Britton told stories of their affairs whilst he was in office and having intercourse in the White House closet. Several people were vehement is dissolving these claims including Daugherty and Frank Gibbs who traveled with harden most of his presidency. Gibbs claimed he was with Harden most of his run and never once hear a woman by the name of Britton. Daugherty attacked several points of Brittons claim such as, Hardings nature of a being a caring person and “he was never known to pass a child without a smile or touch.” Daugherty also pointed out her contradiction of Harden writing love letters to her but, in her book there were no letters to be found in her book. In the end there was never evidence found to connect his death with his wife or Britton’s claim on his sex scandal with her, but it proved to add another detriment to Hardings

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