The Tale Of Tarzan Of The Apes Essay

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Racial tensions and divides seem to be the norm these days; however, this epidemic is not new nor is it going away any time soon. The tale of Tarzan of the Apes brings to light many of the exaggerated beliefs held by whites during the early 1900’s and some still to this day. Tarzan couldn’t be more perfect and his nemesis couldn’t be more despicable. Throughout this story the imagery of good vs. evil is constant and consistent within the race of the characters and they are confined to the belief structure therein. As we explore Tarzan of the Apes you will see a reoccurring theme of white supremacy and hatred towards blacks. As written by Ullery, Tarzan grew in strength and stature and achieved supremacy over all animals. As we begin reading the excerpt of Tarzan of the Apes right away we see how Tarzan, who is white, has greater intelligence and wiser than his fellow apes, who are black. Berglund notes that Tarzan is described in such a way that his superior stock could overcome any challenge, including illiteracy. The idea that Tarzan could, on his own, learn how to read and write is quite remarkable and to blame is his perfect English breeding, even though he himself doesn’t even know that he is English or of noble birth. Ullery notes that the physical description of Tarzan is almost like that of a demi-god.
The symbolism of white vs black could be explained away because apes are always black therefore this isn’t a racial connotation, to which initially I…

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