Essay on The Tale Little Red Riding Hood

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The fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood reveals the drastic transition of a female from childhood into adulthood. The chronicle of Little Red Riding Hood through the woods represents the journey of the innocent and naive child, losing her virginity and becoming an adult.
Little Red Riding Hood’s encounter with the wolf in the forest relays the reality of entering adulthood by reaching sexual maturity, which is marked by the lost of virginity. Both Perrault and the Grimm Brothers explored the implication of Little Red Riding Hood 's entry into adulthood differently. In Perrault’s version (Little Red Riding Hood), the entry into adulthood is easily perceived. This happened when she jumps into bed with the wolf and is devoured which represents losing her virginity and child innocence. However, in the Grimm Brothers’ version (Little Red Cap), the entrance to adulthood isn’t immediately revealed, but rather relays a process in which Little Red Riding Hood gains knowledge and matures into an adult. Interestingly, both Perrault and the Grimm Brothers’ utilized the cultural beliefs of their era in Little Red Riding Hood to guide young girls in society.

Though Little Red Riding Hood symbolizes society’s conception of a child as sweet, naive, untouched, and undisturbed, it wasn 't the case a few centuries ago. Prior to the seventeenth century, “there was no distinction between the child and the adult, and as a result, children were not recognized as having special needs,” which…

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