The System Theory And Systems Theory Essay

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The most common theories that were identified throughout the eight (8) articles were systems and ecological. A few articles touch on other theories as well, but these frameworks were not as prevalent.
The authors of both articles 1 & 2 discussed how frequent moves and lack of support systems as well as poor communication between agencies affect a youth’s ability to acquire adequate housing. The systems theory states that all parts of a system are interconnected and any change in one area will change the entire system (White, Klein & Martin, 2015).
Paul-Ward & Lambdin-Pattavina (2016) point out that learned helplessness negatively affects teens aging out of the system and, further, puts a large financial and health burden on society. This argument is related to systems theory, specifically with regards to the feedback concept. This theory states a system’s behavior affects its surroundings and then the environment loops back around and affects the system (White, et al., 2015).
Lopez & Allen (2007) allude to the systems theory as they discuss the many challenges faced by young adults coming out of care which, in turn, results in negative outcomes. One of the theory’s propositions states that a person’s ability to adjust is negatively affected by the amount of conflict in the system (White, et al., 2015).
Richards (2014) as well as Dworsky, et al. (2013) identified the ecological theory when describing how multiple placements make it impossible…

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