The Swimming Pool By Thomas Lux Essay

1024 Words Jul 13th, 2015 null Page
In “The Swimming Pool,” Thomas Lux writes about a girl who has not receive her breasts yet is afraid of being teased by her friends, so she decides to tease somebody else first before her friends make fun of her. The girl is embarrassed that she still does not have breasts while her friend has her breasts. She is scared that people will make fun of her by saying that she looks like a guy instead of a girl that should have her body parts. The girl in the poem thinks that a girl should have breasts, and that’s what makes her a girl. This is how most Americans think nowadays. This is the expectations of sex and gender in American today. They think that women should have breasts, wear dresses, and have long hair. They also think women should be weak, soft, and understanding. On the other hand, Americans expect men to be strong, brave, and aggressive. Moreover, they expect women to dress like women and men dress like men. Americans believe that these expectations will serve a purpose which is to organize the society. Furthermore, they think these expectations should be reinforced. They want to be able to identify who is woman or men just by looking at their appearances. They think this is how the society should look like, not a society in which men dress like women and women behave like men, because this would somehow corrupt the society; However, I do not think this is the case. In my opinion, I think expectations of women should act like women and men should act like men…

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