Essay about The Supreme Court Case At The United States

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As the heavily debated supreme court case arrived at its final verdict last Saturday, the 13th Amendment has been repealed yielding mixed reactions around the nation. To the dismay of colleges throughout the United States, slavery controls the ever growing economy of America. As student athlete’s lives are now lawfully dictated by local conferences students, the newest work-horses of the United States economy, rejoice at their newfound loss of rights. President of the College Athletes Against Civil Rights or CAACR recently released his statement, “We at the CAACR are elated at the outcome of the court case. We believe that this is a major step in the right direction. As athletes are now under the complete subjugation of their colleges, athletic programs are able to accelerate into the future.” On the other hand, colleges have already announced their disapproval of the latest subtraction from the Constitution. Institutions across the county have objected to the numerous additional procedures slavery adds to the lives of its wealthy employees. Bob Vance, The University Georgia Athletic Director explains, “The bonus I will receive after this law is enacted will move me up a tax bracket causing unease in my life as more of my money is going to a useless government that repealed the 13th Amendment.” Additionally, grievances have been recorded as facility directors now have to authorize Athletic Participation Papers as well as Slavery Deeds. The abundant changes to the…

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