Essay about The Suicide - Self Destruction

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Suicide – Self Destruction
Long report- Task 5
Social issue

1 What is suicide?

Suicide is a major social issue in our society and has been for many years. It’s normally triggered by a person being depressed and feeling like there is no hope. Suicide is an action of killing made by someone to intentionally kill one self. It’s more of self-destruction of someone’s feelings. They’re trying to kill the pain they feel within themselves and suicide is the only solution they think is going to help them achieve this goal. Depression normally brings on these thoughts and makes the casualty shut out other solutions of getting rid of the pain.

2 Affected people

2.1: Immediate family After losing someone from suicide it can affect a range of people. Partners of the deceased are normally one of the most affected; especially if they lived with them. The partner’s lifestyle is never going to be the same now that the love of their life has passed on. Children are affected dramatically after the death of their mother or father. Most children, depending on their age find it had to comprehend why they left and this is even more difficult for younger children as their brain is still developing. Understanding suicide is very confusing for any adult, and having to deal with the grief while trying to raise children and carry on with the people that are left behind is extremely challenging.

2.2: Others

Extended family, grandparents, friends, work colleagues, clients,…

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