Essay on The Suicide Is Not Against The Law

916 Words Nov 23rd, 2014 4 Pages
Suicide is typically a sensitive topic that causes a series of mixed emotions in todays society. Mainly because suicide is becoming something that is prevalent in almost everyones lives. Suicide is very controversial for reasons that include moral and religious beliefs. On the other hand, assisted suicide also known as “Death with dignity, sparks an even stronger and more complex debate for the same reasons. However, the difference between suicide and assisted suicide is that suicide is not against the law, whereas assisted suicide is illegal in all but three states in America. In this essay, I will discuss both the supportive and objective sides of the dilemma and then express my opinion. The main objective against assisted suicide is that it is deemed as a crime in every state in America except for Oregon, Washington, and Vermont. In some states, it is considered manslaughter if a person intentionally aids someone in committing suicide. The charges and convictions vary by state, but still result in either a fine or jail time. Also, some could argue that its against medical practice to help a patient end their life. The purpose of a physician is usually to comfort and aid those who are sick. Ultimately, some people feel that if a patient is chronically ill and there are no means of comforting said patient, that the decision to either prolong or conclude treatment should be in the hands of their physician. It is argued that it is unethical to allow someone who is…

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