Essay on The Success Of The American Revolution

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The American revolution started from the American colonies wanting to declare independence from Great Britain. Why did they want independence and how did they get it? The American colonies wanted their freedom from Great Britain because of a series of events that continued to increase the tension level between the two. The tension started with the French and Indian war (also known as the seven-year war). This war was caused by the French building on land that not only belonged to them, but also to Great Britain. Together Great Britain, the American colonies, and their Indian allies declared war on France and their Indian allies over this land. The war ended in 1763 with a victory for Great Britain. The war itself was not the start of the tension between the American colonist and the British it is what happens as a result of the war. The colonist believed the war was a victory for them as well until Parliament decided to start taxing them to help pay off debt that Great Britain accumulated from the cost of the war. However, Parliament also told the American colonist they could not use the land they helped win from the French. The colonist felt it was unfair to have to help pay for something that did not benefit them. The next set of events that caused tension was Parliament passing the sugar act of 1764, stamp act of 1765, and the Townshend acts of 1767. The sugar and stamp acts were taxes places on the sugar and stamped goods that the colonist bought. The colonist was…

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